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the paris hilton of LJ

hacking only happens to me...

31 August
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a different world, acoustic guitar, acting, aerosmith, alicia keys, america's next top model, angelina jolie, ani difranco, anti-bush, ashlee simpson, black eyeliner, bobsledding, britney spears, broadway, candles, caramel fraps, cassie steele, cellos, chinese food, chocolate, chocolate milk, chris kirkpatrick, christina aguilera, closer, coke, college, concerts, cosmopolitan, cuba, cursing in spanish, daddy yankee, dancing, dane cook, daydreaming, degrassi: the next generation, designer bags, dixie chicks, dreaming, drinking, driving, entertainment industry, feeling butterflies, fiona apple, flip flops, flutes, fortune cookies, french fries, friends, full house, gay rights, girl interrupted, glasses, golden girls, guys, gwen stefani, happiness, holding hands, i love lucy, idina menzel, italian food, jc chasez, jennifer lopez, john mayer, john travolta, judy garland, juicy couture, kadeem hardison, kanye west, kelly clarkson, kissing, l.a.m.b., laguna beach, laughing, lindsay lohan, lips, louis vuitton, love, maria mena, mariah carey, maroon 5, mary kate olsen, mary-kate & ashley olsen, mean girls, miami beach, mmc, moonlight sonata, music, musicals, naps, new york city, no doubt, nsync, orange, our junior mafia, paris hilton, peaches, perfection, performing, piercings, pop music, reading, richard gere, rock star, roses, selena, sex and the city, singing, sleep, south beach, starbucks, stars, sunsets, sushi, sweatpants, tanning, tenacious d, the coldest winter ever, the killers, the notebook, the sims, the usual suspects, the yeah yeah yeahs, theatre, thespians, thoroughly modern millie, tiffany & co, tony lucca, universal studios, university of central florida, vanilla coke, victoria's secret, virgo, water, wicked, wicked the musical, will and grace, winnie the pooh, wishing, working out, writing, yaya da costa johnson, yellowcard, ,